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Tue May 22 18:22:03 ADT 2007

On 5/22/07, Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:

> My next NSLUG post will be Linux-related.  Really.  Promise.

Since big-box stores have little or no interest in linux, I'd bet that
online shopping has a much higher fraction of linux users than brick
and mortar stores.  My experiences with online retailers include a
number of horror stories.  Now Dell is being sued in NY State.

I recently revisited wireless after my wife bought an iMac and an
airport router.  One of the problems for online buyers is that vendors
sell the same model number with multiple chip sets, so you see reports
like "the 1st XXX card works fine, but I just bought a second one and
it doesn't work" -- further investigation reveals that the new card
has a different chip set.
My system only has 3v PCI slots, but few online sites specify whether
a PCI card works in 3v slots and there are reports of vendors selling
both 5v and 3v cards under the same model number, people buying a card
based on a picture that clearly shows a 3v slot only to find that the
card they got does only 5v.

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