[nSLUG] Tnx Re: Gimp help? (Re: Image utility for Linux?)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed May 16 01:14:40 ADT 2007

me> Now I need to make these two layers become all one image and save
me> it. But I can't figure out how to do that.

Dan> Select 'Layers -> Anchor layer' if you're happy with the position
Dan> of the floating selection and you want it merged into the current
Dan> layer.  But portions of the floating selection which are off the
Dan> current layer will get cropped out - _even_if_ you have done 'fit
Dan> canvas to layers'.

Yes, exactly the problem. Everything I was laboriously adding was
being cropped away.

Dan> Or...
Dan> Select 'Layers -> New Layer' to convert the floating layer into
Dan> its own layer.  Now you can move it around some more, and when
Dan> you're satisfied, 'Image -> Fit Canvas to Layers' and then either
Dan> Flatten image or Merge Down (these commands will be 'un-grayed'
Dan> as soon as you've dealt with the floating layer).

Ah ha!  That does it.  I never tried "new layer" when I was trying to
glue down what I thought of as a "layer", assuming a "new" one would
preempt and trash the one I was already working with.

That produced a result as perfect as I can hope for.

As a footnote, Gimp does well with niggly rotations, too. In the test
pair I was working with, a perfect alignment at the top left a
measurable 10-pixel x-deviation at the bottom. arcsin( 10 /
<image-height> ) = 0.30 deg. Telling Gimp to rotate the 2nd image
-0.30 deg before overlaying it resulted in a perfect match.

Tyler> You could open image B as a layer in the image A window, which
Tyler> saves you having to cut and paste it.

Maybe that will speed things up.  I have 20 to do and then another
portfolio of 20 yet to scan.

Thanks very much, all,
- Mike

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mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
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