[nSLUG] PHP - Sendmail - Postfix

Miles Thompson miles at allnovascotia.com
Sun May 6 14:53:12 ADT 2007

I'm putting together a Ubuntu server ( Edgy Eft) and during installation 
picked Exim as the mail application. I then downloaded PHP 5.2 source files 
and compiled PHP from source.

Since then I have removed Exim and set up postfix. I then tried to send 
mail from PHP, which returned an error, that the mail() function was not 
declared. V. strange, because mail() is a core PHP function.

So I have been wondering. One of the php.ini settings is the  "Path to 
Sendmail", which I set to the path to postfix. (Sendmail was installed on 
the system by default, but ps aux | grep sendmail returns nothing but my 
query. So it is not running.)

I located sendmail, and did a ls -l, wondering if it was symlinked to 
postfix. Nope, standalone executable.

Over on the php-general list someone suggested that sendmail had to be 
running when PHP was compiled. That does not make sense.

Does anyone have any ideas? I know postfix works and I can use it to send 
mail from the command line. (I also set up the Mantis bug tracking 
software, which uses phpMailer, and it will relay mail through a SMTP 
server operated by a sister company.)

I'm puzzled, and do not have enough experience in this area to proceed 
knowledgeably with a diagnosis.

Regards - Miles Thompson

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