[nSLUG] Japanese government promotes use of linux

George N. White III gnwiii at gmail.com
Fri May 4 13:05:48 ADT 2007

"Government procurement guideline sees Linux hit Japan 5/3/2007
5/4/2007 2:55:16 PM

A procurement guideline from the Japanese government has led the way
for Linux to be used in the land of the rising sun, it has been

According to Reuters, the Nikkei newspaper has stated that the body
will promote the internal use of open-source software from July 2007,
giving the green light for technology companies to sell their servers
and systems in the country.

Oracle will spearhead the march, in addition to IBM and NEC, for the
1.25 trillion yen (£5.2 billion) the government has budgeted for the
move, with local government schemes possibly seeing this figure rise
to 2 trillion, it added.

The Nikkei also reported that 78 per cent of Japanese servers
currently run on Microsoft Windows.

Procurement providers Oracle recently announced the formation of its
financial services global business unit.

The aim of the division is to provide a "comprehensive range of
best-in-class solutions for the financial services industry," a
statement read."


I suspect the Canadian goverment will be the last to do this, from fear of
US retaliation when Microsoft complains.

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