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Thu May 3 16:06:15 ADT 2007

enumeration order had changed, and now sda to sdf
was the external array.  I figured e2label could address
that, but no luck - same error.

RH was installed on a fresh disk on a SATA drive /dev/sdf
It was not able to boot - no grub error.

Finally I decided to put the MBR on the first disk of the SCSI
array, to restore the service the server provides.
Using a RH rescue CD, I've put MBR on SCSI disk 1 (sda),
telling it that root is on hd5,0 (sdf1) - first SATA.

Installing grub on SCSI's first disk brought me the grub screen
but it wouldn't boot until I edited within the grub boot screen
and told it to use root(hd0,0)

When the fresh OS install booted, I want to try my original system
disk on sdg1, but now I found this was a device on SCSI.
Huh?  Somewhere along the way, what was known as /dev/sdf
from the rescue cdrom (same as installer) had turned
into /dev/sda, and /dev/sdg was now /dev/sdb.
Did I trigger this flip/flop with the use of the "device" line
in grub shell?

This presents confusion, because I don't know what disk enumeration
to use at what point in fixing our grub set up.  Labels do not
apply to grub root statements.  If I could better control the
enumeration order it would be great, but the CMOS doesn't
seem to support it, except possibly under a very complicated
feature called the "EMI shell".

So far, I was able to boot the fresh install once, but attempts to
do the same for the original OS disk have failed - with what
I believe are device enumeration issues.

Has anyone run into this kind of a challenge before, and it so,
what did you do to tame the beast?


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