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Thu May 3 16:06:15 ADT 2007

share network segment basically. So you maybe able to get a MAC address
for the box and provide that information to Eastlink so they can
investigate it. Though they should be able to trace it by the DHCP
responses themselves.<br>
For you solution, you could just change the network mask from <a
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to one that only responses to 24.x.x.x. I will let you google how to
determine the network mask.<br>
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Hamilton wrote:<br>
. . . .<br>
    <div class="Ih2E3d">&gt; If you're worried about DNS, run named in
cache mode and point it at whatever<br>
&gt; DNS server you want. resolv.conf can then point to <a
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and you should<br>
&gt; be well.<br>
&gt; Best regards,<br>
&gt; Greg<br>
That's a good idea. Thanks<br>
    <font color="#888888">Gerald<br>
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