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Thu May 3 16:06:15 ADT 2007

obligations to clients to keep running.  After Juan, my little generator 
ran 110+ hours without a break.  Once my ISP connection was re-
established we served our clients without shutdown.  And without power 
from NPSI.

It would be intersting to hear from others about their post mortem of the 
power outage.

Now most of my UPSs are back to 90+% fully charged.  Over the next few 
weeks I will test the run-time of each and start to replace ones whose 
run-time is less than what it should be.  With the low price of 
relatively good capacity, I have found it seldom useful to replace 
batteries.  The older UPSs are likely linear power supplies with large 
transformers etc.  New ones are far more efficient and give longer run 
times with the same amp hour capacity batteries.

One person mentioned putting car or truck batteries in their UPSs to 
extend their run time.  That may not be a good solution.  The batteries 
in most UPSs are designed with slightly different chemistry and a 
different charging plan than the batteries used in automotive use.  I 
have found when trying this, that the automotive batteries die in a short 
time from the charging that UPSs do.  In most cases less than a year of 
life.  It has all to do with the charging.  I was told that the UPS 
battery uses a "float" charge.  I do not know what the difference is 
between that and what a standard charger for automotive batteries does.

I look forward to hearing the experinces of others over this week-end.


Jim H

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