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Joe Dunn me at joedunn.com
Mon Mar 5 16:38:46 AST 2007

remember to re-make your sym-link from /etc/localtime to your correct zone
in /usr/share/zoneinfo especially on RH systems. I got stuck doing the
updates for my company and it took me an hour of troubleshooting to figure
out why RH 6.2 - RH 9.0 wouldn't roll over on March 11th correctly. I



On 3/5/07, Mike <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:
> Bill> I use slapt-get and/or swaret to keep my Slackware box mostly
> Bill> current...
> I guess I should find out about those.
> Bill> ...installed glibc-zoneinfo-2.3.6-noarch-7_slack11.0, which
> Bill> seems to have everything up-to-date:
> Ah, good. That turned up as one of 3 options in the online package
> browser.
> Bill> On this subject, can anyone explain why there are
> Bill> America/Halifax, Canada/Atlantic, posix/America/Halifax,
> Bill> posix/Canada/Atlantic, right/America/Halifax, and
> Bill> right/Canada/Atlantic
> tzcode2007c.tar.gz is the companion to the NIH tzdata file and
> contains code to make the relevant utilities and libraries. At line
> 62 ff., the Makefile in tzcode2007c, offers an option of having data
> files the reflect POSIX time, right time or both sets of files.
> I gather from the "backward" tzdata file that Canada/Atlantic is "old"
> and deprecated.  Donald wrote:
> DT> The DST solution for our zone in Olsen format requires running the
> DT> "backward" part of the zones to make links.  That is why it
> DT> appears to have missing stuff.
> so he may have some idea how the "backward" thing works and why the
> deprecated zone names are used.
> DT> The zone you absolutely need, is whatever your /etc/localtime
> DT> links to.
> Ah, good.  Seemed reasonable but I wasn't at all clear on that point.
> Worthy of note if, like me, you're a novice in this area are:
>    + The location of the compiled data files is apparently (?)
>      hard-coded into libc/glibc as /usr/share/zoneinfo and this is not
>      the same as the default install location for the tzdata package
>      from NIH (/usr/local/etc/zoneinfo/).
>    + zdump -v Bogus/Zone reports out some info for 1901 and 2038
>      instead of reporting an error.
>    + zdump always (if environment var TZDIR is not set) looks in the
>      canonical place (which it apparently gets from glibc ) for its
>      argument. A typo in the argument or any other deviation results
>      in the useless 1901/2038 output.
> Thanks, all,
> - Mike
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