[nSLUG] Re: DST & tzdata

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Mar 5 03:55:30 AST 2007

DTeed> The DST solution for our zone in Olsen format requires running
DTeed> the "backward" part of the zones to make links.  That is why it
DTeed> appears to have missing stuff.

I'm not sure I understand that.  The current file from nih.gov
references and creates an America/Halifax zone file, which is the
preferred name in the "backward" tzdata file.

DTeed> If Slackware isn't providing these sorts of updates, you might
DTeed> as well be running Solaris 6.  It isn't supported by it's maker
DTeed> either.

Well, the problem isn't that there are no recent Slack updates for the
zoneinfo packages but that the online package descriptions don't
mention which of them, if any, have been updated to the legislated
2007 DST dates.  Nor do the descriptions mention from which tzdata
file versions they've been compiled.

DTeed> Debian and most other Linux users don't have to fret about
DTeed> this, as the changes for our zone came down in updates a few
DTeed> months back.

Well, there have been newer zoneinfo packages on the Slack site for
months, too, but see "problem", supra.  And I'm kinda slack about this
sort of thing -- it is *slack* ware, after all. :-)  

Less frivolously, I really like to know as much as possible about
what's going on anyhow, part of the reason I use Slackware.  So
despite the extra fretting, I'm pleased that I now know more about how
the zoneinfo stuff works.  I would never have seen or read the tzdata
files if it had been easy to just slap a binary into place.  And just
slapping a binary into place gives me the willies anyhow, because I
have all sorts of idiosyncratic stuff on my system(s) and binary
upgrade packages have been known to just bulldoze stuff away that I
then have to tediously reconstruct from notes.  (At least I try to
keep notes. :-)

DTeed> for i in africa antarctica asia australasia etcetera europe
DTeed> northamerica pacificnew southamerica backward
DTeed> do
DTeed>   echo $i
DTeed>   zic $i
DTeed> done

I'm now trying to decide whether to do something like that -- just blow
the compiled files into the canonical directories -- or to run make on
the NIH package and rebuild everything, including zic, zdump etc. as
well as the binary zoneinfo files.

- Mike

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