[nSLUG] Virtual PC 2007

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Sat Mar 3 23:38:11 AST 2007

On 3-Mar-07, at 11:36 , Preston Smith wrote:

> I see MS has released Virtual PC

> Is this a good medium in which to run Linux to try it until such  
> time as one might cut over 100 % to Linux?

Virtual PC does mostly work, but VMware is better for Linux. The  
VMware driver for X11 makes Linux in a VM useable. In the past I ran  
Linux in a VM as my primary workstation. (It started out as a test to  
see if it was usable, but ended up as a more permanent solution when  
my Linux HD died and I was waiting for the replacement.)

VMware Player is free, but it can't create virtual machines. VMs can  
be created in VM Server, which is free, or VM Workstation which is  
not free. You can get a VM Workstation 30-day trial key which is  
enough to create the VM. (The VM won't expire.)

Once you have installed Linux on the VM you can optionally install  
the VMware guest tools. The tools enable shared folders, clock  
syncing, and maybe something else. The VMware video driver is already  
a part of X so you don't need to install the guest tools for improved  
video. I have installed the .tar.gz version of those tools on several  
version of Debian without problems. I suspect that the tools will  
install on most Linux distros.



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