[nSLUG] Possible Berwick Migration

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sat Mar 3 04:43:49 AST 2007

> Win4lin or Vmware, may be a better solution than crossover office.
> With that said you can still come across application problems when
> running windows on a virtual computer, so you will still need to test
> stuff.

Win4Lin is very solid - I ran it for 2 years straight, it seldom
bluescreened, when it did I just reran it.  However, I noticed after
running a session for 200+ hours, windows just begins to fall apart.  I
often end up refreshing the session.

I used it for work over VPN and it worked nice, fast, and solid.  Only
thing, could not do USB.  oh well.  win4lin did have it quirks with
kernel patches though.  I don't like how they just abandoned patches
after 2.6.11 or so.. I ended up manually patching upto 2.6.15, but
things changed in 2.6.17 that made manual patching impossible.  Time to
adapt other internal functions.  I no longer use it, but it was one of
the most stablest apps I ever used.

I didn't opt for the PRO version, which does not require kernel
patching. I really didn't want to bother with win2k or winXP.. win98se
served me fine for now. It did run Office apps fine, along with video
players and such.  Only freaked out when there was no space left on the
drive... :)  hehe



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