[nSLUG] Possible Berwick Migration

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 23:45:54 AST 2007

On 3/2/07, Mark Lane <lmlane at gmail.com> wrote:

> Your biggest headache will be accounting. There are companies that
> have switch pretty much everything to Linux such as Ernie Ball -
> http://www.ernieball.com . But if you read one of the articles on
> Ernie Ball's transition to open source, you will find that accounting
> was a problem and they at the time of the article where still running
> an accounting package on SCO Unix.

Yeah, this is unfortunate, especially insofar as
bookkeeping/accounting (the recording aspect) is not exactly rocket
science. Debits and credits, payables, receivables, general ledger.

> A lot of shops maybe running
> Linux as an OS but that doesn't mean all the applications running on
> it are open source. There are lots of closed source applications that
> run on Linux too --- everything thing from accounting systems to
> commercial X servers.

Our billing software is a custom job, but seemingly an ongoing work in
progress. I don't think there would be a lotta love lost if something
OSS could be developed.

If I wasn't in the public sector, and I had the skills, I'd seriously
think about developing accounting/billing software for municipal
government. The alternatives are all pretty rustic, all really
expensive. It's a sector which for most intents and purposes flies
beneath the market radar.

Believe it or not, we use SAP. It's massive overkill, like a gerbil at
the controls of a freight train. But we only access to a few basic
modules. Basically, all it does for us is G/L. The interface, I think,
appears to have concocted in an opium den, somewhere among the outer



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