[nSLUG] Network Throughput

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sat Jun 9 14:39:23 ADT 2007

>>> Trying to determine why the connection to Eastlink is all of sudden 
>>> having drops/pauses in any type of transmissions.
>> If you haven't changed anything then it may be a problem with
>> Eastlink. Cable modems die, lines, and connectors get damaged. Has
>> your tv quality changed?
>> try giving easlink a call.
The other day the network kept dropping connections every 10-15 seconds.
After troubleshooting with work, their side was solid.  I called 
Eastlink, and as soon as I mentioned drops, their reply was "You have a 
*rather* old modem", please bring it in for a modem swap.   Swapped out 
the modem, and Bingo!  No more drops. 

Funny thing when I got to the counter, as soon as I put one foot in the 
door, the clerk behind the counter ...  Modem Swap?
Yes..  The other clerk already had it in her hands and handed him a box 
with the new modem.

Hmm..  sounds like there were a lot of modem swaps recently.  So, lets 
change this equipment, if anything breaks, just have them swap out the 
It would have been nice if they let us know, and we wouldn't be wasting 
time troubleshooting the d*mn thing!   Think of it, its been acting up 
for a week or more.  It only got worse recently.  I just took it as 
network congestion at work - we have that from time to time over the T1. 
I don't think its a dedicated line. It acts more like a fractional line.

Oh well.. thanks to all


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