[nSLUG] chain of events: sparc, install, logo/shirt, mailing list, Beranger, PATA device renaming

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 23:43:35 ADT 2007

Sometimes I find it amusing how looking into one thing
draws one along a chain of events.

Here is how I learned that the 2.6.20 kernel renames PATA
devices like SCSI (hda becomes sda):

1. Read about possibility of 32 bit sparc being dropped in Debian Lenny,
and saw remark about NetBSD being another option for sparc32.
2, Saw that NetBSD has a nice web site, good documentation, and a wide
breadth of arch support, even for a toaster running an ARM card.
Installed NetBSD on a Sun SS20, since there is little else that can do SMP
on it.
3. Getting the warm and fuzzys from NetBSD, and liked the look of the new
Ordered sweatshirts for me and kids (could use a new sweatshirt anyway).
4. Continued working on NetBSD box, and joined some of their mailing lists.
Saw one about NetBSD advocacy, and read older threads.
5. Found a comment about a blog called beranger and a long rant about
imperfections in development and goverance of all flavours of open source:
6. Page 19 mentions the 2.6.20 kernel changing the device names
for PATA drives to be all SCSI style.

Perhaps this is why mdadm stopped outputing /dev/hdX style
devices in --detail --scan in the recent versions (output UUID labels).

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