[nSLUG] Replaced CD drive - won't boot, won't play, players don't recognize

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Jul 31 02:57:39 ADT 2007

Mike Spencer wrote:
>> the new [DVDs] have painted tops so you can add designs to you
>> coasters now. :)
> And the plastic is useful.  Often I need a piece of fairly rigid but
> thin, non-conductive material to repair this or make that.  You can
> cut CDs easily with tin snips.  I just snipped one up to modify a
> switch mounting hole in a surge protector.  (Jeez, you'd think you
> could buy a 115V 10A rocker switch of the sort that used to be
> commonplace on electronics but nooooo, nobody has one or even
> remembers ever having seen one.  Had to buy a completely different
> switch, make plastic and aluminum parts, modify the housing with a
> dental drill....gak!.)

np. Did you check the electronics store in Burnside.  I was able to get 
some switches that had an odd combination (for guitars).

If they don't have, they can order it.

I can track down the name if you need it.

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