[nSLUG] CD/DVD installation

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Jul 31 02:08:16 ADT 2007

Jeff Warnica wrote:
> I suspect that the difference in price between a DVD and a DVD+/-RW is  
> about $20, at most. And I've had a CD/RW drive where the RW stuff died  
> and the read continued to work... Its thus (to me, at least) fairly  
> low risk.
> I didn't see it mentioned before: Dont just turn off your computer,  
> but unplug the power supply as well. Even "off" power runs to the  
> motherboard. And while I've never toasted a whole board, I have killed  
> at least one drive plugging things into an "off" motherboard.

I recently heard you will most likely only be able to get DVD writers 
for your PCs.
The CD, CD writers, and DVD drives are being deco'd very soon.  This 
makes it a pain
for older systems.

The reason the read still worked on the CDRW, is most likely due to the 
TOC (table of contents) being written many times,
across the disk, as well as sectors being written more than once.  CD's 
and DVD's are not perfect - sometimes the lens tracking drifts,
and/or scratches exist on the medium.  To defeat these issues, hardware 
manufacturers added redundancy to CD's and DVD's.

When I worked at WEA, the engineers used to joke at what crap they put 
out and people bought it up.
DVD's struggled for a while because the Indio compression became very 
blocky or pixelated when really dark scenes occurred in movies. (It 
still happens today, watch Red October or anything really dark ).  Audio 
discs are a joke.  The number of redundant tracks is amazing.  Much 
higher redundancy level than data file formats.
So be a bit more careful with data discs.

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