[nSLUG] Problem with XFCE

David Payne david at payneful.ca
Tue Jul 31 02:06:22 ADT 2007

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 12:50:00AM -0300, Rich wrote:
> Jack Warkentin wrote:
> > So I tried XFCE which appeared to be much "lighter weight" than either 
> > KDE or Gnome and I preferred it to both Gnome and KDE. However, I 
> > discovered several times that one of its components created a runaway 
> > process (I am using Ubuntu 6.06/Dapper Drake and the XFCE version is 
> > 4.3.0-0ubuntu1). So I reverted back to KDE. Has anyone else come up 
> > against this problem with XFCE?
> >
> >   
> Hi Jack,
> You were using an old version of XFCE.  The recent 4.4 version really rocks.
> Desktop icons (except icon contents like images or such, I think that is 
> in next release) and udev device icons
> This version fixed quite a few issues.  I had 4.2, and tried using it, 
> but found some short comings for what I do.
> However, I've been using 4.4 for a few months now, and it is very 
> solid.  There was a problem with cairo libs,
> but that was more Slackware 12.0 related. 
> I hit my system pretty hard, and I noticed Gnome w/Dropline 2.16 wasn't 
> helping, it was getting slower and slower.
> So I decided to try XFCE 4.4.  I originally compiled it by hand, and had 
> it working, except overlooked an important python lib.
> This caused me some headaches once I traced it down (not well 
> documented).   However, around that time, Slackware 12.0 had  it compiled,
> and working.  So I tried the Slack 12.0 packages and it worked fine, 
> except Amarok was not configured for postgres - so I had to recompile.
> Other than that, its been very solid and fast.  I was running a resource 
> hungry java client, which ran better under XFCE.
> I also gave Kde 3.5 a whirl to see how much has changed over the years. 
> I normally don't bother swapping desktops on the fly.
> I tried it, and turned off all the fancy animations to gain the speed it 
> was sucking up.   I feel Kde and Gnome are trying to be Win XXX look 
> alikes..  which in my mind is the wrong direction to take.  Make it 
> easy, but don't stop or rollback innovation just because Microslop says 
> so.  
> I'm now back on XFCE.
> I found a PC for sale, 64-bit 500MB Ram, 60GB hdd w/WinXP, and DVD 
> burner + monitor for $200. :)
> I yanked the drive and stuck it in my son's pc, because he won't migrate 
> to Linux.. I tried and pat him on the head when he whines about spyware 
> and adware flooding his system. I tell him here is the install disk - 
> have fun.   :)    I later installed a 75GB drive with Slack 12.0 for my 
> wife.
> She's one happy camper now.  She was running a K6-III 450 w/320MB RAM.  
> The machine was almost 10 years old. :)
> She tried XFCE, but got used to Nautilus... ugh.. I do not like Nautilus 
> either.  So I installed Dropline 2.18 beta now, she is running fine now.
> So I found, XFCE is not for everyone.  My wife uses her desktop folders 
> in ways I've never bothered to.
> I just use a file manager or cmd line for that.. call me lazy... :)
> See if you get a more recent version of XFCE. Its worth it.
> Regards
> Rich
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I just recently switched to Xfce (with Xubuntu).  My 
computers doesn't really have a problem dealing with Gnome 
it's just that I never found myself using most of the 
features that gnome provided.  I just want 2 panels, a 
clock, a menu system and a workspcae switcher.  That's all I 
really used in Gnome and that's all I really need.  I am 
giving Xfce a try because I think it can meet all my needs 
with very little bloat.  But, time will tell.

David Payne

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