[nSLUG] Problem with XFCE

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Jul 31 00:50:00 ADT 2007

Jack Warkentin wrote:
> So I tried XFCE which appeared to be much "lighter weight" than either 
> KDE or Gnome and I preferred it to both Gnome and KDE. However, I 
> discovered several times that one of its components created a runaway 
> process (I am using Ubuntu 6.06/Dapper Drake and the XFCE version is 
> 4.3.0-0ubuntu1). So I reverted back to KDE. Has anyone else come up 
> against this problem with XFCE?

Hi Jack,

You were using an old version of XFCE.  The recent 4.4 version really rocks.
Desktop icons (except icon contents like images or such, I think that is 
in next release) and udev device icons

This version fixed quite a few issues.  I had 4.2, and tried using it, 
but found some short comings for what I do.
However, I've been using 4.4 for a few months now, and it is very 
solid.  There was a problem with cairo libs,
but that was more Slackware 12.0 related. 

I hit my system pretty hard, and I noticed Gnome w/Dropline 2.16 wasn't 
helping, it was getting slower and slower.
So I decided to try XFCE 4.4.  I originally compiled it by hand, and had 
it working, except overlooked an important python lib.
This caused me some headaches once I traced it down (not well 
documented).   However, around that time, Slackware 12.0 had  it compiled,
and working.  So I tried the Slack 12.0 packages and it worked fine, 
except Amarok was not configured for postgres - so I had to recompile.
Other than that, its been very solid and fast.  I was running a resource 
hungry java client, which ran better under XFCE.

I also gave Kde 3.5 a whirl to see how much has changed over the years. 
I normally don't bother swapping desktops on the fly.
I tried it, and turned off all the fancy animations to gain the speed it 
was sucking up.   I feel Kde and Gnome are trying to be Win XXX look 
alikes..  which in my mind is the wrong direction to take.  Make it 
easy, but don't stop or rollback innovation just because Microslop says 

I'm now back on XFCE.

I found a PC for sale, 64-bit 500MB Ram, 60GB hdd w/WinXP, and DVD 
burner + monitor for $200. :)
I yanked the drive and stuck it in my son's pc, because he won't migrate 
to Linux.. I tried and pat him on the head when he whines about spyware 
and adware flooding his system. I tell him here is the install disk - 
have fun.   :)    I later installed a 75GB drive with Slack 12.0 for my 
She's one happy camper now.  She was running a K6-III 450 w/320MB RAM.  
The machine was almost 10 years old. :)
She tried XFCE, but got used to Nautilus... ugh.. I do not like Nautilus 
either.  So I installed Dropline 2.18 beta now, she is running fine now.

So I found, XFCE is not for everyone.  My wife uses her desktop folders 
in ways I've never bothered to.
I just use a file manager or cmd line for that.. call me lazy... :)

See if you get a more recent version of XFCE. Its worth it.


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