[nSLUG] Problem with XFCE

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Mon Jul 30 21:27:02 ADT 2007

try "Project Looking Glass" by sun and let us know your opinion:


Jack Warkentin wrote:
> Hi Everybody
> I like neither KDE nor Gnome - to me they both ignore the basic UNIX 
> design philosophy of one program does one small thing well and to do 
> something more complex you combine programs to achieve your desired 
> result. I didn't give Gnome much of a chance after I discovered that 
> just about *everything* in Gnome required nautilus to be active, and 
> I didn't like nautilus. And KDE is just too monolithic and determined 
> to add its own layer to those already adequately provided for by the 
> operating system. Why, for example, is there a need for something 
> like kdepasswd when passwd works very well from the command line?
> What I would like is a system whereby the window manager (selected 
> from among several/many available) can be combined with a taskbar 
> (selected from among several/many available), a start menu applet 
> (selected from among several/many available) and an Xresources 
> settings manager, etc. For me the Xresources settings manager is the 
> deal-maker/breaker in a desktop system. It is too much of a pain in 
> the you-know-where to have to manually edit the .Xresources file and 
> set resources for applications either individually or collectively.
> So I tried XFCE which appeared to be much "lighter weight" than either 
> KDE or Gnome and I preferred it to both Gnome and KDE. However, I 
> discovered several times that one of its components created a runaway 
> process (I am using Ubuntu 6.06/Dapper Drake and the XFCE version is 
> 4.3.0-0ubuntu1). So I reverted back to KDE. Has anyone else come up 
> against this problem with XFCE?
> Is there a set of Xwindows applications out there that follows the 
> design philosophy outlined above?
> This discussion started around a problem with switching from gdm to 
> kdm. When I first installed my favourite Linux distro (Libranet, 
> since gone defunct) several years ago I found that it used gdm with 
> kde. Later I tried other distributions and discovered I preferred gdm 
> to kdm. So I always install gdm and make sure kdm is not installed
> Regards
> Jack
> On Tuesday 24 July 2007 08:51, Jonathan Anderson wrote:
>> Ah, yes, I forgot about fvwm.
>> If you're using Ubuntu, Robert (which I believe you said you were),
>> you can also install xubuntu-desktop, which is an Ubuntu desktop
>> designed around XFCE.
>> #!/jon
>> On July 24, 2007, Daniel Morrison wrote:
>>> On 24/07/07, Jonathan Anderson <jonathan.anderson at ieee.org> wrote:
>>>> Anyway, if you don't like KDE or GNOME (and their window 
> managers, kwin
>>>> and Metacity), you should check out:
>>>> - a *box (blackbox, fluxbox, openbox, etc.)
>>>> - Enlightenment
>>>> - GNUStep
>>> Why use anything other than the best?  fvwm!
>>> -D.
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