[nSLUG] CD/DVD installation

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Thu Jul 26 13:37:52 ADT 2007

On Thu, 26 Jul 2007, Jeff Warnica wrote:

> I didn't see it mentioned before: Dont just turn off your computer,
> but unplug the power supply as well. Even "off" power runs to the
> motherboard. And while I've never toasted a whole board, I have killed
> at least one drive plugging things into an "off" motherboard.

Good call. I've killed the IDE interface on a motherboard that way, too.

Another note - don't unplug the power and then immediately start 
plugging/unplugging stuff; the capacitors hold a charge for a while, 
depending on the idle draw and the quality of the PSU (higher rated PSUs 
have bigger caps which hold a charge longer). Most boards have an LED 
which will drain remaining current and go out when it's drained; there 
will also be a "chirp" sound. Until the charge is drained from all the 
caps the board is still live (and I've seen some boards take up to 30 
seconds to fully discharge).

Cheers... Dop.

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