[nSLUG] Scale 1-10 of CD/DVD installation

Kevin Fleming kfleming at accesswave.ca
Tue Jul 24 11:17:34 ADT 2007

> I wasn't particularly enamoured of my brief intro to KDE and I tried
> it because I don't particularly like Gnome either. I've tried a couple
> of the WMs that you can choose at login--metacity and something else,
> both of which are pretty lame. Suggestions?
> I think I'll get a new CD-ROM drive. On a scale of 1-10 how easy/hard
> is this for me to do myself?

If all you are doing is a CD or DVD drive, it's dead easy. 3 on a scale
of 1-10. Just open the case and locate the screws holding the CD/DVD in
place, remove the screws, remove any ribbon cables from the rear and
also the power supply cable and sound output cable if applicable, then
slide the beast out the front of the computer case.  

Once it is clear, just reverse the order of steps and you will have the
new CD/DVD installed shortly.  After you have inserted all cables (which
are keyed), you should be able to boot the box and your drive will be
detected and if your BIOS is set to boot from an alternate drive you
will hear the sweet sounds of success.  

BTW, IMHO a new dual layer DVD-RW, or if you want to get jiggy, and can
afford it, a Blu-ray or high density drive would be best as you are able
to do both CD and DVD/new media style burns.  I have both a DVD-R and
dual layer -RW that accepts multi-format disks, in the box, but that's
just me.  They are cheap enough now to be able to find one for a good
price and install it.  

Just my two cents worth..  

Kevin Fleming
BlackBerry Technical Support Desktop Analyst
Registered Linux User 

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