[nSLUG] Gnome to KDE-->Stymied at kdm Login Screen

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 07:58:34 ADT 2007

On 23/07/07, Robert Ashley <rb.ashley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Now I can't get past the kdm login screen...no keyboard recognition.

Can't get past the KDM login?  Or can get past it but no keyboard once
you're logged in?

If the latter, you probably have slow keys turned on.

Edit your ~/.kde/share/config/kaccessrc and remove the line which says:

That should fix it.

I would try a new CD disc before concluding your drive is dead. Test with
any live CD (e.g. knoppix), that usually gives the drive a pretty good

If you want to change it yourself, in terms of hardware work, CDROM drives
are definitely a 1 out of 10.  Nice rectangular box with no delicate
parts, usually in a nicely accessible part of your desktop; they slide
easily. Practically nothing can go wrong - every CDROM drive is like every
other so you can just swap them around.  Just make certain your
slave/master jumper is in the same position (assuming traditional IDE
interface).  Some CD/DVD-R(W) drives also have a UDMA jumper which should
normally remain at the factory default position (UDMA enabled).
(On a laptop everything's hard, though).


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