[nSLUG] Gnome to KDE-->Stymied at kdm Login Screen

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 23:58:14 ADT 2007

I recently dist-upgraded from debian etch to lenny/sid. Went flawless.
Was using Gnome, but decided to try KDE. Almost everything worked fine
(except sound)...so, I did an alsaconfig but no luck. Thought I'd
tackle that later. I then decided to change gdm log-in to kdm. uh-oh.

Now I can't get past the kdm login screen...no keyboard recognition.

I don't have any mission-critical files, so I decided to try a fresh
install of Ubuntu. I changed the boot sequence, but CD drive won't
boot. It seems to be wheezing, spinning up then down, like a car
trying to start with a weak battery at minus 20 degrees. In any case,
the CD drive does try, wheezes, then fails, then the hard drive spins
up, taking me to the kdm login. Stymied.

Should I try a new CD drive? Can I interrupt the boot sequence with
some kind of rescue move? Do I try a rescue floppy?

I appreciate any diagnostic input. Thanks.


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