[nSLUG] LUG Meetings...?

CMC cmconrad at eastlink.ca
Mon Jul 23 17:42:09 ADT 2007

I have just moved to Halifax, haven't actually been to a LUG meeting
> since I moved out of Ottawa in late 2004, I did move briefly to
> Montreal and joined MLUG but they never seemed to hold meetings, went
> back to Toronto for two months then moved to Calgary...could never
> make it to their LUG meetings; then moved up to Edmonton and don't
> know if they ever get around to holding LUG meetings.  So, do you guys
> & gals hold LUG meetings?

If you are generally interested in computers, I belong to the Halifax 
Area Personal Computer Club, HAPCC, which meets on the last Tuesday of 
every month at the West End Mall Sobeys.  Meetings start at 7pm and go 
to around 9:30.  We cover most PC OSs out today from DOS to Linux and we 
also cover some of the happenings in the Apple community.  I personally 
use both Windows XP and Xandros 4.0.  Some of the members have dual 
boots with Windows and some versions of Windows.  Feel free to check out 
our web site at: http://hapcs.chebucto.org/index.html


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