[nSLUG] Ubuntu Port

sbo at eastlink.ca sbo at eastlink.ca
Thu Jul 19 09:10:57 ADT 2007

I tried replying to the previous thread, but wasn't sure how.  Maybe that's my first questions.

Anyhow, thanks to all of you for the feedback.  I got a lot of information that I will use in future situations.  Thank you for all of it.

For the sake of my present issue, I will rephrase my question.

Someone is running JBoss on an Ubuntu box and the port associated to this application is 10001.   I did not perform the installation of the OS, but I have been given the credentials to log into it using SSH.  I can successfully log in and install the software I need for the sake of my development efforts.  I can also start JBoss, so 10001 is being used and should be accessible through the same way that 22 is for SSH. 

Port 22 is obviously open for me to use, but where can I open 10001 to the external world?

For example, I get nothing coming back from "telnet <ubuntuIP> 10001".  Is it a config file in the OS-specific directory structure?  Is it a host config file somewhere?

Thank you,



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