[nSLUG] Cautions on Installing FF plugs-ins - Deb-Etch?

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 17:52:30 ADT 2007


I'm using Debian Etch 4.0, quite content.  Almost boringly so...no issues!

I was thinking about installing some FireFox (IceWeasel) plug-ins
(e.g. Adobe flash player).  I found some intelligible instructions at


A couple of questions: Is it dumb to start down this road of tweaking
when I'm using Debian's stable version? I mean, should I properly move
to Lenny/testing, and then fiddle away?

So far, I've made a point of restricting my download sources to the
stable repositories. I don't know why, though! I have no great need
for super stability since this is my home fool-around box. No
mission-critical stuff. And I think I'm mired in the newbie phase
because, well, errmm, I've been spoiled lazy doing everything in
X-windows (Gnome) for everything.

Any thoughts from our experienced crew on this thinking?  he-he

I might add that a few years back, most nsluggers advised the then
newbie (version 0.50) to stick to ONE distro. I've followed that
advice and I think it's done me well (insofar as I have learned some
stuff(newbie version 1.0). But I've become complacent because nothing
ever seems to go wrong with Debian in my house. Nice problem eh?

I guess I have a hankering for a small wake-up project.


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