[nSLUG] Back order a domain with a Canadian registrar?

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 12:11:02 AST 2007

Does anyone know of an accredited .com registrar that offers
backordering of domains, that is physically located in Canada, and
whose terms of service call for disputes to be heard in Canadian

I'm very happy with http://domains.hjlinnen.com/ but I don't think
they offer backordering.

When one backorders a domain, the registrar watches for the domain's
expiration and tries to snap it up for you.  GoDaddy and Network
Solutions offer it, but they're US companies.

If I can't find a Canadian registrar, I'll probably use GoDaddy and
transfer it to HJ Linnen later.

I have found a great domain whose WHOIS record says that it's about to
be deleted for violating ICANN rules.  I guess they didn't have valid
contact info.

There is a list of accredited registrars at:


Note that some registrars that have "Canada" in their names aren't
listed as Canadian companies!



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