[nSLUG] Keysigning party at the InstallFest

Oliver Doepner odoepner at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 09:07:24 AST 2007

Hi Jaehyun,

thank you for your work preparing the installfest and especially the 
keysigning part of it.

But I want to suggest that you don't send Microsoft Word documents to 
the nSLUG mailing list, or Linux related list in general.

If it's meant to be readonly then PDF is a more appropriate and less 
proprietary format. If you want to make a document available in editable 
form then please use Open standards like ODF, even RTF or just good old 
plain text.

In fact, it is an established policy on many mailing list to make 
documents available at public URLs and then just send a link, instead of 
posting attachments to every list member.

thank you

Jaehyun Paek wrote:
> Also, to help those who don't have keys, we will have copies of handout
> (see attachement).

Oliver Doepner


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