[nSLUG] Dal-ACM Installfest 1 week reminder

Chris Jordan cjordan at cs.dal.ca
Thu Jan 18 14:22:16 AST 2007

Hey Guys,

One more week before the Dal-ACM Installfest: http://wiki.dal-acm.ca/ 

It should be a good time and a great chance to do some linux hacking.  
If you or any of your friends are interested in bringing in a system  
and having linux installed or a service setup please send us an email  
RSVP events AT dal-acm DOT ca.

We are also going to attempt to have a key signing party at the same  
time. It is going to be our first time running it so if anyone has  
any experience and would like to help out please let us know.

See you all there,



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