[nSLUG] Re: Non-install stuff that fits installfest lessons

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Jan 18 13:39:18 AST 2007

me> Well, I'd like to see how someone cleverly and quickly gets
me> ZoneMinder running under Slack 10.1.  I keep bumbling along.......

Rich> This is cool, I saw this when it was in it early stages.  Making
Rich> motion detectors sampling image comparison.

Yeah, it is.  The "motion" program does the image comparison thing,
too, and I've had that running fine.  ZoneMinder also has controls for
tilt/pan/zoom of a more advanced surveillance cam over HTTP via a

> Is there a particular problem you are having?

The author has only run this on RH.  Another guy has a HOWTO on
porting to Slackware but it's old.  I'm porting to Slack 10.1.  I
never used MySQL before and ZoneMinder requires it so I had to get
that up and configured suitably.  Various other details, including
documentation omissions in mplayer (for testing the 2nd-hand cam, not
for part of ZoneMinder) have led me astray.

Last thing was a problem with shared memory.  The docs mention shared
memory problems but not, AFAICS, the particular one I hit.  I've been
distracted by a router failure, cold weather and other stuff and
haven't gotten back to it yet so I don't have that machine booted and
can't give you word for word details.  RSN. :-)

ZoneMinder isn't a monolithic executable.  It's a snarl of interacting
ELFs, scripts, browsers and colaborations (e.g.with MySQL).

- Mike

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