[nSLUG] Re: Non-install stuff that fits installfest lessons

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 00:28:37 AST 2007

Hey Rich, put your list in alphabetical order and we can properly call
it 'encyclopedic'.

I'd like to put early dibs in on some of the your time at the
installfest, if you'd be so kind to indulge me here.  I do have a
couple of specifics from your list, one being to set up a camera (I
got the manual and specs-->Canon Powershot A620),  Also interested in
understanding the compiling kernel rituals and compiling additional
software. Maybe a leisurely tour of gimp.

I also like George's suggestion of teaching people how to find out for
themselves how to do stuff by learning how to scour the internet for
answers. Learning more sophisticated search techniques should accrue
big paybacks.


> What date is the installfest?
> I can offer help in just about anything:
>   - customizing and compiling kernels from kernel.org
>   - adding bitmap boot screens and creating your own
>   - gimp editing
>   - patching kernels
>   - adding motherboard/fan sensor options in kernel
>   - alt sysrq commands
>   - install NVidia kernel drivers
>   - configure X
>   - compile additional software or libraries
>        show how to track down missing libs or outdated ones
>   - adding music editing software
>   - adding dvd editing software
>   - burning cdroms and dvd
>   - use k3b for making DVD archives
>   - setup printers, networks, scanners, firewalls
>   - setup apache and squid (caching web pages, like all good cable
> companies do, just kidding. if you have a lot of users, adding a web
> page cache can speed up surfing)
>   - DHCP, FTP, SSH
>   - configuring wine
>   - use imagemagick tools
>   - setup gphoto for you camera (patching it for over 1024 photos)
>   - svn (just started playing with this, a lot like Perforce)
>   - used CVS a bit
>   - editing lilo - geometry settings and making dual boots
>   - repartitioning shares
>   - just getting into fractal generators now :P
>   - inkscape has really improved, works a lot like Corel Draw, playing
> with that now too
>   - help with web scrapers
>   - open office, firefox, flash9 (nov beta work great)
> Just let me know, I can prepare and help edumacate :)
> Rich
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