[nSLUG] Non-install stuff that fits installfest lessons

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Wed Jan 17 14:36:04 AST 2007

On 1/16/07, Robert Ashley <rb.ashley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Chris invited participants to bring any old Linux challenge to the
> installfest, not just installations.
> [...]
> What do you think would be a valuable learning experience in this
> person-to-person context? I thought I'd pick one or two topics, run
> them by Chris, see if he can pair me up with someone familiar with
> them.

The most valuable thing would be to show people how to use internet resources
(teach a man to fish ...) to find out how to do things.  The
particular topic doesn't much matter, it is how you approach a problem
(assuming little upfront knowledge).  Many people are reluctant to
start using the resources, thinking the resources will be too
technical or that some sysadmin will be monitoring their efforts and
LOL.   Try finding a current driver to fix a problem with a Win32
system (I've been trying to find a current 3com driver without sucess)
and you end up in a twisty-turny maze of highly suspect sites full of
adverts and no-doubt all sorts of malware and you will understand why
someone with a Wn32 background will be reluctant to use internet

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