[nSLUG] Re: Non-install stuff that fits installfest lessons

Oliver Doepner odoepner at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 09:24:53 AST 2007


will there also be WLAN available? Otherwise I'd have to buy a long 
Ethernet cable. All the ones I have are pretty short.

I might need help in setting up an IMAP server (cyrus?), an LDAP server 
for addressbooks and some sort of server based calendar that can be 
accessed from multiple clients. (maybe using iCal through Apache WebDAV?).

I want to be able to access all three services through a web frontend 
that runs on the same server as well as through a "fat" client, 
preferrably Thunderbird (with Sunbird for the Calendar).

For the web frontend I consider Squirrelmail a good match. I just wonder 
how well it supports LDAP addressbooks and shared Calendars.

The server is at odoepner.dyndns.org and it will have SSH open on some 
funny port during that day. I will bring only my laptop to the fest and 
try to install and configure the server stuff remotely.

The OS on the server is Debian Etch (i386). The server is a headless 
Celeron 600 with 320MB RAM. For now, the only users will be my wife and me.

My Laptop runs Kubuntu 6.10 (edgy).

I am also interested in virtualization with Xen or Linux vserver.


PS: I might be able to help with all things Java, Mozilla Thunderbird, 
Firefox, Bugzilla and general Debian questions.

Chris Jordan wrote:
> Hey guys,
> The Installfest is January 27 from 1:00-5:30 pm at the Dalhouse Computer 
> Science Building. All the information is at: 
> http://wiki.dal-acm.ca/InstallFest. If anyone is planning to bring in a 
> system please send events AT dal-acm DOT ca an RSVP including your 
> system specs and what you want to do. As well, anyone bringing in a 
> system, it would make our lives easier if you also brought in a power 
> bar and long ethernet cable; we always seem to run short on those.
> See you there,
> Chris

Oliver Doepner


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