[nSLUG] Re: Non-install stuff that fits installfest lessons

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Wed Jan 17 02:07:54 AST 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 00:07 -0400, Mike wrote:
> > I'd like to solicit suggestions for a topic (other than
> > installation) that really suits a one-on-one, shoulder-to-shoulder,
> > Linux teaching/learning encounter like the installfest offers.  Some
> > of the things that mystify me that maybe watching and doing with an
> > experienced Linux hacker might be: compiling a kernel, adding
> > software which isn't in the standard repositories....
> Well, I'd like to see how someone cleverly and quickly gets ZoneMinder
> running under Slack 10.1.  I keep bumbling along.......

This is cool, I saw this when it was in it early stages.  Making motion
detectors sampling image comparison. 

Is there a particular problem you are having?
Or just starting to get into it?  
I don't have a webcam to play with to help you, but I can check over a
few things if you list the problems and any error messages.

What date is the installfest? 

I can offer help in just about anything:
  - customizing and compiling kernels from kernel.org
  - adding bitmap boot screens and creating your own
  - gimp editing
  - patching kernels
  - adding motherboard/fan sensor options in kernel
  - alt sysrq commands
  - install NVidia kernel drivers
  - configure X
  - compile additional software or libraries
       show how to track down missing libs or outdated ones
  - adding music editing software
  - adding dvd editing software
  - burning cdroms and dvd
  - use k3b for making DVD archives
  - setup printers, networks, scanners, firewalls
  - setup apache and squid (caching web pages, like all good cable
companies do, just kidding. if you have a lot of users, adding a web
page cache can speed up surfing)
  - configuring wine
  - use imagemagick tools
  - setup gphoto for you camera (patching it for over 1024 photos)
  - svn (just started playing with this, a lot like Perforce)
  - used CVS a bit
  - editing lilo - geometry settings and making dual boots
  - repartitioning shares
  - just getting into fractal generators now :P
  - inkscape has really improved, works a lot like Corel Draw, playing
with that now too
  - help with web scrapers 
  - open office, firefox, flash9 (nov beta work great)  

Just let me know, I can prepare and help edumacate :)



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