[nSLUG] Non-install stuff that fits installfest lessons

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 22:25:47 AST 2007

Chris invited participants to bring any old Linux challenge to the
installfest, not just installations.

I'd like to solicit suggestions for a topic (other than installation)
that really suits a one-on-one, shoulder-to-shoulder, Linux
teaching/learning encounter like the installfest offers.  Some of the
things that mystify me that maybe watching and doing with an
experienced Linux hacker might be: compiling a kernel, adding software
which isn't in the standard repositories, a demonstration voyage
through the file system, kewl or routine stuff you do with emacs or
vim or LaTex, web development with Linux tools, or just plain kewl
stuff miscellaneous.

What do you think would be a valuable learning experience in this
person-to-person context? I thought I'd pick one or two topics, run
them by Chris, see if he can pair me up with someone familiar with

Thanks, really appreciate it.



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