[nSLUG] Re: Add yourself to the nSLUG member blogs wiki page

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Jan 15 00:24:13 AST 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-14 at 23:42 -0400, Mike wrote:
> >     try this http://canadapost.ca/
> >     then
> >
> >     Login to Business Centre
> >     with Mozilla or Opera for Linux 
> If you trap that page before it refreshes to the error page, you find a
> gnarly ball of js intended (at least in part) to identify your
> browser.  There appears to be (I don't know js so I'm doing C-centric
> guessing) an array of approved browsers.  Mine is on the list but,
> even with js and cookies on, I'm still handed the error page.
> Hot dog.  Well, maybe it's because my NS4.7 sends "Walled-City!" as
> the HTTP_USER_AGENT string.  Or not.
> It also has explanatory text as GIF images with no ALT tags so it's
> not visually-impaired friendly.
> Y'all remember right after the first Mac gained a foothold, how every
> [1] flyer, poster, want ad, class notice, office memo etc. that you
> saw was immediately identifiable as a Mac product because each one used
> every font and graphic toy the Mac offered?  Web "designers" are,
> after a decade, still in that mode but with a much more complicated
> rendering environment and more error-prone tools.

hehe aint it the truth.  After countless spam filters being deployed,
after how many years...  the spam morons finally figured out that image
content is not scrutinized!  So we should expect to run OCR apps on
images in our mail.  

Reminds me, I laughed when the content blocking software we were using
started added color content analysis to images on web sites.  It worked
by checking the percentage of flesh tone colors and then deeming the
image porn if it met a certain percentage. This led to a few engineering
sites being listed as porn. LOL.  I used to bust the engineers, "What
the heck do you guys draw up here?"  So I had to call support to help
remove those sites from the list. When I asked how they verified these
sites as porn, she explained, "Some are picked up by the analysis tool
and others are verified by a team that surfs porn sites all day."  I
thought, I knew a few guys in IT that would be perfect for that job. I
then replied, "It must be a real hard job..." (hehe) "Do you have any
openings.."  She replied "Its one position we have no problem filling"



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