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Sun Jan 14 22:31:21 AST 2007


On 1/12/07, J. Paul Bissonnette <jpaulb at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> Mike wrote:
> >What does Canada Post do that requires special effort?
> >
> try this http://canadapost.ca/
> then
> Login to Business Centre
> with Mozilla or Opera for Linux

This site and page for Business Centre looks OK in seamonkey.

Seamonkey doesn't have the RSS feed toolbar, or at least mine
isn't switched on by default.

If a person wants to use their browser for secure sites, then to my
thinking, it is better to use a maintained and patched browser
(I think this is what someone meant by "supported") rather than
something with 2 dozen security flaws against it.

I've often felt like having older computers around with smaller
footprint OS and applications, but in the end, the Internet tends to
be a required application, which doesn't keep backward compatibility
with the old standards, and sites/web apps are not QA'ed against
older browsers.

Personally, I've found seamonkey has a much more stable Download
feature (needed for places that revolve their links into something
that is only sent back by the CGI and therefore wget won't do it)
than mozilla or firefox.

If one is ultra paranoid about the web and security, there is a solution.
Don't do it.  Use phone, fax and snail mail for any personal information.

Use the web only for fun.  Register yourself with false information anytime
it is required, and go ahead.  If they data mine things like Hotmail's
and postal codes, they will be wrong.  What is there to fear in that?

I think there might be a cabin available up by Gully Lake,
previously owned by someone who was living
completely off the grid.  That is the only way to ensure personal
data won't be mined, archived, hashed, etc.

BTW, did everyone know Lockheed Martin provided
the solution for the the last census?


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