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Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Jan 14 17:58:47 AST 2007

gnwii> There is way to much personal data in public records, and very
gnwii> little real control over the security and integrity of these
gnwii> records....There is no federal or provincial oversight of these
gnwii> systems, and no federal oversight of provincial systems.

My assumption is that data collected is data promiscuously
distributed.  Of course not true in every case but as handy a
generalization as, say, "follow the money" or Occam's razor.

I'm reminded of John Brunner's 1975 novel, _Shockwave Rider_, a sort
of pre-Gibson cyberpunk tale.  The System knew everything about
everybody but nobody could ever find out what The System had on file.
Nobody could determine what was known about them, whether it was true,
false, corrupt or in the hands of enemies or psychopathic entities.
Consequently, everyone routinely had nervous breakdowns or took drugs
to avoid them.  Remarkably prescient for 1975.

The net-wizard protagonist eventually contrives that *all* the
financial details of the very rich and the powerful -- persons,
institutions and agencies -- are made completely public, available at
any terminal or cyber-cafe.  A somewhat shocking solution if you think
that perfect data security is an unequivocally good thing. :-)

- Mike

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