[nSLUG] NS 4.7x [was: Add yourself to the nSLUG member blogs wiki page]

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Sun Jan 14 11:47:44 AST 2007

With that statement I agree people do either make error (mistakes) or 
can doctor records to someone's advantage. It doesn't matter which OS is 
being used. 

It is a well publicized fact that Micro$oft's OS has more security 
hooooooles than the proverbial Swiss cheese.  When a government agency 
uses an OS that has a track record for security like windows et al, this 
is down right criminal. We might as well do all our personal business on 
post cards.

It is amazing how slow Canada move towards a securer OS compared to 
Europa or even Asia. The only real proactive governmental area seems to 
be in Quebec.


gnwiii at gmail.com wrote:

> It doesn't really matter what system is used to manage DMV records in
> NS. What does matter is that there is no public, transparent, system
> that offers assurances against data loss or leakage.  Can you get a
> record of all accesses to your data?  If there is leakage, will you be
> notified?
> If there is an error, can you get it fixed?
> There have been a number of "clerical" errors resulting in prisoners
> being released early and automobile accident reports being "mislaid".
> Are these symptoms of widespread data management failures in
> governments?  The public has learned to expect erratic behaviour from
> computing systems, so are willing to overlook glitches that may be
> signs of real problems.


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