[nSLUG] Re: Add yourself to the nSLUG member blogs wiki page

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Sat Jan 13 15:04:16 AST 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 06:28 -0400, Mike wrote:
> sg> Apart from the download time, I still don't quit understand your
> sg> adversion to Firefox.
> Well, for starters, it calls home.  I just now started it up (on a
> home page that resides in ~, not a "home" page out on the net) and
> tcpdump reveals that it immediately and silently fetched unknown data
> from:
>     static-fxfeeds.nslb.sj.mozilla.com
>     www41.thny.bbc.co.uk
> On previous sessions, it has contacted:
>     fxfeeds.mozilla.org
>     virtual-fxfeeds.mozilla.org
>     www.mozilla.org
>     fullcirclesoftware.TechBuyer.com
>     www.fullcirclesoftware.com
>     talkback.mozilla.org
> without notice or my instruction to do so.  That just pissed me right
> off from the get-go.

Well, perhaps without your awareness, but most defiantly with notice and
instruction. Fx has "live bookmarks" - putting RSS feeds into the
bookmark system. And its auto-update system - or at least notification
of available updates. talkback.m.o I'm suspect would have to do with
sending back crash data, or perhaps even that systems own independent
update mechanism.

Clearly you are smart (paranoid?) enough to have a local homepage so you
wont leak out the secret that you are using a browser. But that is not
the only user-configurable place where Fx will load stuff from the
network on startup (and continuously through your session).

Things like "Live bookmarks" and "auto update" are not secondary
features to what Fx is. At least, they are not secondary marketing
points. So, feel free to complain about them existing. But don't
complain that your browser is doing what it has been marketed to do.

You want to start complaining about Fx, then lets do so. But thats not
how this started. You asked why Wiki sites all use UTF-8... Got a few
arrogant responses, kinda complained and then said UTF-8 had overhead.

- UTF-8 provides zero overhead when you are using ASCII-ish characters.
- Unicode is necessary on the /World/ Wide Web, or even the Nova Scotia
Wide Web if you plan on using any accented characters, or perfectly
reasonable typographical glyphs that have been in wide use for
- Unicode/UTF-8 has been a "best practice" or "standard" for a decade,
both from IETF and W3C 
- Its supported by all the major browsers in use, with well over 99% of
actual client deployments - including yours. If especially broken (in
this context, Dop....)

Look, when you have a complaint that is a valid point, and its you
against 99% of people, and you express that complaint, you are arrogant.
Valid point or not, doing things your way quietly is eccentric. If you
are wrong, and you try to make everyone else wrong too, you are an ass.


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