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Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Jan 13 06:28:57 AST 2007

sg> Apart from the download time, I still don't quit understand your
sg> adversion to Firefox.

Well, for starters, it calls home.  I just now started it up (on a
home page that resides in ~, not a "home" page out on the net) and
tcpdump reveals that it immediately and silently fetched unknown data


On previous sessions, it has contacted:


without notice or my instruction to do so.  That just pissed me right
off from the get-go.

I normally run with images disabled. No inclination to see all the
"web designer" graphic doo-doo, especially over dialup.

Netscape displays the ALT text next to an image icon when images are
off.  Firefox does not.

When I do want to see an image and there's no ALT text, I can mouse to
the icon representing the image and the status bar will tell me the
URL of the image, from which I can usually tell if it's the diagram,
photo, cartoon... that I want to see or if it's part of the cutesy
page ornamentation.  That doesn't happen in Firefox.

In Netscape I can click on an image icon (optionally choosing from a
menu) and the page will be re-rendered with that image (and only that
one) displayed.  In Firefox, you can ask to see the image represented
by an icon (although there's no way to distinguish it from the
garbage, see above, until it's downloaded) and the image will be
rendered as a new page.  After reverting to the original page, the
meaningless icon is once again displayed, even though the image is now
in the local cache.  Feh.

That's just for starters.  I forget what else...

There may be work-arounds for all that but jeez, it pisses me off.  I
totally eschew Windows but not because it doesn't work.  I do so chiefly
because it pisses me off about every 10 seconds.  Firefox pisses me
off somewhat less frequently, but Netscape only once every 2 or  3 hours.

TV has a technical effect change -- cut, pan, sound-over etc. -- about
every 5 seconds, more often in commercials. [1]  That's part of what keeps
you tube-zombied out.  To have my chain yanked by software every 10 seconds
*must* be bad for my health, no?

sg> Apart from the download time...

That, of course, is part of it.  I determined that an essential
feature in mplayer was undocumented and thus unavailable without
extensive grovelling and guesswork.  Reported it clearly and briefly
to the appropriate place, only to receive the snippy reply that it was
"fixed" in the newer version which I should have downloaded long ago.
Bah.  I've upgraded my anvil exactly once since 1967 and the "new" one
is ca. 100 years old. :-)

- Mike

[1] Well, the last time I looked, which was, lemme see, about 1998.
    It may be worse now.

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/                        ^^-^^


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