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Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Sat Jan 13 01:24:20 AST 2007

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 10:58:32PM -0400, Mike wrote:

> Is there a Netscape Navigator 7.*?

Yes. The open source version of Netscape 7 is called the Mozilla
Suite. The Mozilla browser can be installed seperately. Most linux
distros should have the stand alone mozilla browser. (In Debian/Sarge
the package is called mozilla-browser.)

However in March of 2005 the Mozilla team decided to stop developement
on the Mozilla Suite to concentrate on Firefox and Thunderbird
(formerly Netscape mail). Another group has decided to continue the
development of the suite and renamed it SeaMonkey.

The SeaMonkey browser is possibly the most Navigator like of modern
web browsers. That said it is not Navigator 4.7 and there probably
many differences. With that in mind you might as well switch to
Firefox and change the few settings that make it more Navigator
like. SeaMonkey is a suite of tools. Firefox is a standalone browser
like Navigator. Firefox also has a considerable ammount of personal
and financial backing.

> Buggy: Of course I don't opt for buggy per se. AFAICS, newer browsers
> are buggy too.

While there may be bugs in Firefox those bugs will be fixed. The bugs
in Netscape 4.7 will never be fixed regardless of how severe. That was
what I meant be "unsupported." I don't mean phone support, I mean
active developers who are fixing the bugs.

> What's squid? ...tikky..tikky..google...click, spop.  Oh, right.  Well
> I guess that might work. What I really want is a hook into the browser
> between arrival of the data stream and the processing of it where I can
> insert a parser to chuck out or modify anything I don't like.

Squid is a web cache and and it can be used to filter and mangle the
data before it hits the browser. You should be able to port over your
cgi scripts. While squid is a little overkill it will allow your
scripts to run automatically instead of your current manual process.

I have not found that squid is particularly hard on ram or
processor. Do take the time to skim through the config file to 

Apart from the download time, I still don't quit understand your
adversion to Firefox.



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