[nSLUG] NS 4.7x [was: Add yourself to the nSLUG member blogs wiki page]

Oliver Doepner odoepner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 14:37:01 AST 2007

Hi Mike

Why not use Opera. It's closed-source like Netscape 4.x and fast.

Since you have unfortunately elided your rant I don't know why you 
prefer NS 4.x but I would guess that Opera is better in terms of 
performance (and up-to-date standards compliance, of course).


Mike wrote:
> Well, I have two questions that derive from my own cranky
> ideosyncrasies:
>   Q1:  Why do all wiki sites use charset=UTF8, either in a <meta... tag or
>        in an HTTP header?  Seems to be the case even when the venue is
>        an exclusively English language one. Even for the European
>        languages most commonly read by native English speakers,
>        ISO-8859-1 suffices.
>        Seems to me similar to the urban yuppie who drives a Unimog
>        with fore & aft winches and PTOs.
>   Q2:  The reason I care is that I continue to use Netscape Navigator
>        4.76, the last version of Navigator for Linux. And it has a bug
>        such that if the charset of a doc is declared UTF-8, it renders
>        the doc in a teeny, myopic font size, overiding my preference
>        selection.
>        So: does anyone know of a binary patch or other hack that will
>        extirpate this behaviour?  I've grovelled through the
>        executable as well as all the config stuff and haven't found
>        any way to do it.

Oliver Doepner


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