[NSLUG] Re: Home router advice? (USB->Centronics print service)

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Jan 8 02:41:33 AST 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 19:01 -0400, Mike wrote:
> me>     Has anyone used a cable with a USB plug on one end and a
> me>     Centronics plug on the other to connect such a USB port on a
> me>     router printserver to a Centronics port on a printer?
> Rich> I couldn't find a detailed specs on the connector, but it must
> Rich> be an amazing little piece of circuitry.  Do you know if the
> Rich> connector has any special drivers needed?
> On the one hand, it comes in a blister pack with no CD so apparently
> not. OTOH, the Store Guru claimed 50% failure to make one work with
> Windoes printer drivers.

oh thats it!  if it fails with Windows 50% of the time, it surely must
work great Linux!  :)  No outside influences while device was being
designed... or Microshaft didn't see it coming.. like always..  1 step
ahead, 4 years behind.

> Rich> If it doesn't, that may mean the connector handles all the
> Rich> interfacing and buffering needed.  Which is pretty cool. :)
> Rich> If that is the case, it should work fine with the USB port. 
> Yes, "If that is the case, then...", right.  I've mucked about with
> pin-outs for older plugs but I have no clue how USB works.
> > This would be interesting - one of my friends may know. He loves ripping
> > things apart and modifying stuff.  :)
> So send him email.  Illumination awaited. :-)

no word yet.

> Rich> What was the model of the D-Link you had - was it the DP-300U ?
> DI-713P: 3 x cable connections, WAN, parallel (print server), serial
> (optional modem connection) and wireless with DHCP in the router.
> Reset button and blinkenlights.  Oddly, no on/off switch.
> > Are you looking to get a larger router w/print server?
> Larger? No. Three or four cable connections, wireless and cabled print
> server are all I presently need.  Cable/DSL won't be an option for the
> foreseeable future and serial modem connection through the router
> isn't desirable because it doesn't provide adequate control or
> security.
> Another, more clueful Other-Store Guru is trying to find some info
> that will convince me to buy the hardware but no word yet.

Is he like offering you a deal... take 10 for the price of 1 hehe

> This hardware stuff is mind-numbingly boring when you don't know
> enough to talk to the hardware at the C or assembler level. CP/M was
> so much more satisfying. I even had a complete circuit diagram for my
> Osbornes I. :-) [1] But once I get the router sorted, I have a nice little
> problem with a shared memory error while trying to get ZoneMinder
> to control a Sony cam under Slackware.  Gak!

I know, I look at my old books, there were schematics, and all kinds of
memory maps.  Now a days, you'd be lucky to find a dip pin layout in the
book that comes with the motherboard.

I laughed at that recent MAC vs PC ad, the one where the PC guy was
happy to receive the "Programming the GUI using C++", while the MAC guy
was like, uh look at my photo album I did.  LOL..  Kids today don't
share the same spark as we did growing up.  I had the fever when I was a
kid, couldn't stop programming and configuring and ripping things apart,
and then making them better!  :) I yearn for those days now.  I remember
those 72-hour pizza and coke-cola programming sessions..  teaching
myself how to program in BASIC, C, Perl, Assembler, COBOL, and others.  

I remember installing 2MB of RAM and one of the guys in our computer
club said "Good Lord Man!  What are you running!"  LOL!  I tried to get
the kids interested in learning more in depth knowledge of the PC, but
they just want to get MSN working, and stop viruses. No time to learn.
oh well..

Oh.. does that ZoneMinder use the gphoto libs?  If so, you may want to
grab the latest lib, they fixed a few leaky problems.


> Tnx,
> - Mike
> [1] Osbornes I: Plural like mothers-in-law or notaries
>     public. Osborne Is is lexically confusing. :-)


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