[nSLUG] Acroread & Openoffice

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Sun Jan 7 18:21:34 AST 2007

I reported this to Debian, it is now bug # 405949 openoffice.org
I converted the offending gif to to another format problem cleared up, I 
would like a transparent background since the same gif is on my website. 
Keeping the same logo in a dozen different formats is now what I would 
call conserving resources. :)

Can you make a transparentin another format using gimp?


gnwiii at gmail.com wrote:

> On 1/7/07, J. Paul Bissonnette <jpaulb at eastlink.ca> wrote:
>> I do believe I have found the source of the problem, why I do not have a
>> clue.
>> I have a picture in gif format, transparent background, that I made
>> about 1990 on a RISCPC for DTP. I got moved from there to Word-perfect
>> on windoze, then to StarOffice, then To StarOffice on Linux then to
>> OpenOffice Linux versions 0.x, 1.x, 2.x. Now it is causing problems. it
>> seems that Acroread 7.0.8 doesn't handle transparencies.
>> Just happens the gif is in a template that I have been using for my
>> invoices, letterhead, brochures all this time.
> It is much more likely that there is some minor glitch in the pdf
> format that is now rejected by Adobe Reader due to more careful
> validation of input data needed to prevent attacks using malformed
> PDF's.  With pdftex, artwork can be put into individual PDF's and
> "placed" in the document.  I don't know if OpenOffice has similar
> capabilities.  You
> could try converting the gif to other formats (png, tiff).


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