[NSLUG] Re: Home router advice? (USB->Centronics print service)

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Sat Jan 6 22:45:06 AST 2007

On Sat, 6 Jan 2007, Mike wrote:

> Rich> What was the model of the D-Link you had - was it the DP-300U ?
> DI-713P: 3 x cable connections, WAN, parallel (print server), serial
> (optional modem connection) and wireless with DHCP in the router.
> Reset button and blinkenlights.  Oddly, no on/off switch.

I suspect these days you're going to be better off looking at a cheap USB 
<-> centronics connector (eg, 
http://www.iogear.com/main.php?loc=product&Item=GUC1284B) and going with a 
USB based print server. Otherwise you're going to be looking at faffing 
around with ebay or similar and getting a generous friend to act as a 
proxy for you.

No on/off switch because they, y'know, cost money. This is residential 
grade hardware, after all, not commercial grade.

> I even had a complete circuit diagram for my Osbornes I.

Good grief. It's been a while since I heard of *that* 
laptop^Wluggable^Wsewing machine. PIP PIP!

Cheers... Dop.


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