[NSLUG] Re: Home router advice? (USB->Centronics print service)

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Jan 6 19:01:56 AST 2007

me>     Has anyone used a cable with a USB plug on one end and a
me>     Centronics plug on the other to connect such a USB port on a
me>     router printserver to a Centronics port on a printer?

Rich> I couldn't find a detailed specs on the connector, but it must
Rich> be an amazing little piece of circuitry.  Do you know if the
Rich> connector has any special drivers needed?

On the one hand, it comes in a blister pack with no CD so apparently
not. OTOH, the Store Guru claimed 50% failure to make one work with
Windoes printer drivers.

Rich> If it doesn't, that may mean the connector handles all the
Rich> interfacing and buffering needed.  Which is pretty cool. :)
Rich> If that is the case, it should work fine with the USB port. 

Yes, "If that is the case, then...", right.  I've mucked about with
pin-outs for older plugs but I have no clue how USB works.

> This would be interesting - one of my friends may know. He loves ripping
> things apart and modifying stuff.  :)

So send him email.  Illumination awaited. :-)

Rich> What was the model of the D-Link you had - was it the DP-300U ?

DI-713P: 3 x cable connections, WAN, parallel (print server), serial
(optional modem connection) and wireless with DHCP in the router.
Reset button and blinkenlights.  Oddly, no on/off switch.

> Are you looking to get a larger router w/print server?

Larger? No. Three or four cable connections, wireless and cabled print
server are all I presently need.  Cable/DSL won't be an option for the
foreseeable future and serial modem connection through the router
isn't desirable because it doesn't provide adequate control or

Another, more clueful Other-Store Guru is trying to find some info
that will convince me to buy the hardware but no word yet.

This hardware stuff is mind-numbingly boring when you don't know
enough to talk to the hardware at the C or assembler level. CP/M was
so much more satisfying. I even had a complete circuit diagram for my
Osbornes I. :-) [1] But once I get the router sorted, I have a nice little
problem with a shared memory error while trying to get ZoneMinder
to control a Sony cam under Slackware.  Gak!

- Mike

[1] Osbornes I: Plural like mothers-in-law or notaries
    public. Osborne Is is lexically confusing. :-)

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/                        ^^-^^


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