[NSLUG] Re: Home router advice? (USB->Centronics print service)

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Jan 6 12:14:42 AST 2007

GNW> Simple low end devices are generally based on one of a couple
GNW> chipsets used by multiple far-east vendors.  Many of these
GNW> devices depend on a driver that downloads firmware each time it
GNW> is plugged in...

That is *exactly* what I want to avoid.  It seems unreasonable that a
router, something which only talks to computers via IP, would require
a firmware download in order to operate its integral printserver.  But
I've supposed that might be the case and that's why I'm bumbling
around sounding clueless.

OTOH, firmware upgrades are probably going to be done only via Windows
software.  I can worry about that later if ever.

GNW>  ...so you might be looking at one of the systems that runs windows
GNW>  drivers under linux.

Yeah. Did that with a wireless card. PITA and was very fortunate that
it worked without wedging anything else. Or maybe that explains my
problem with........ [sigh].

GNW> To avoid such devices, look for devices that work with Apple
GNW> OS's and don't come with a CDROM.

Ah-ha! Yes, the works-with-apple should be an encouraging sign.

GNW> When I need something like this, I make a list of specific models
GNW> and look for actual user reports...

I guess that's the path to take.  I was hoping that it was a question
to which everyone but I knew the answer, living as I do on the the
trailing edge of technology. :-)

- Mike

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