[nSLUG] Startup scripts

Tim tcruikshank at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 11:24:09 AST 2007

On January 6, 2007 01:48, David Payne wrote:
> Hi,
> Been a while since I posted to this group.  I am not new to Linux but
> I am new to startup scripts and scripts in general.  I will show you
> everything I have then I will explain my problem at the bottom of the
> message.
> I am running the newest release of Debian stable.  I did a net install
> yesterday.
> I installed a Teamspeak server in /opt/tss2_rc2.  Then I did chown
> tsd.root -R tss2_rc2.  tsd is a user I created just for the ts server.
>  Teamspeak comes with a startup script
> /opt/tss2_rc2/teamspeak2-server_startupscript that takes a bunch of
> options, including start and stop.

What happens if you place a copy of the script provided with Teamspeak 
(teamspeak2-server_startupscript) in /etc/init.d/ and symlink it in the 
appropriate runlevels instead of your own wrapper script?


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