[nSLUG] Re: chown, chmod or what

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Jan 6 04:24:52 AST 2007

Bill> As I understand it, you have installed several distributions on
Bill> one computer, each in its own partition.  You have created a
Bill> user "rejean" in each distro, but unfortunately each distro's
Bill> numeric user id correspondint to "rejean" is different.

Speaking from similar but not identical experience (and very minimal
expertise) I think that may be the problem.

I have several machines, all running the same distro/version. I'm user
mds on all of them.  If, when installing the distro, I create user mds
before any other user, user mds gets the same numerical ID on all the
systems.  I can then log into host A as mds, mount host B's / on host
A and manipulate files belonging to user mds on host B's filesystem.

When using two different distros, you may find that the assignment of
default user ID numbers is different on the two distros.  Distro A may
start assigning new users IDs at 100, 101, 102... while distro B may
start at 101 or 500 or 501 or 1000 or whatever. Or there may be some
other reason why user rejean doesn't have the same UID on both distros.

So ensuring that user rejean has the same UID on all distros might
well solve your problem.

(HAS GOTCHAS OR IS WRONG?                                          )

I think that could be arranged just by booting into one distro,
logging in as root and making sure that the UID field in /etc/passwd
for user rejean is the same as user rejean's UID in the other distro.
And then, while still root in that distro boot session, you might have
to also do chown -R rejean:users /home/rejean to get the files synched
with /etc/passwd.

- Mike

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
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